iPhone apps that will help with your SEO

I bet that you have or know somebody with an iPhone, and I also bet that at some point atleast every week you or a friend goes on Apples App Store to check out featured apps and new upcoming ones.

But did you know that your iPhone is a key SEO tool just waiting to be unleashed? And wouldnt you love to be a portable SEO guru at the envy of your colleagues?

Well then you’re in luck, because using my extensive iPhone App Store knowledge (Oooooh, extensive), here is a short and concise 3 item list of SEO iPhone Apps you simply must check out, mobile web design. For those of you with an Android or Windows Phone 7 handset, I am to compile a three way list for you too very shortly.

1) Rankings

Rankings is a quick and easy iPhone app that lets you find out how a given web site (that you specify, naturally) ranks for any search term you desire.

So is it effective? Well a quick search for Online Marketing Leeds reveals that ICE Innovation is number one in Google (and we are). Nice!

2) Domain Scout

Domain Scout is an essential iPhone app for the person who readily searches for keyword rich domain names.

So is it effective? Well a quick search for donkeykeyboardcatdragon(dot)com reveals that it is available for purchase (I dont recommend this one, though).

3) Analytics Agent Lite

Analytics Agent is a highly intuitive and frankly brilliant analytics app for your iPhone which imports as many Google Analytics accounts you want.

So is it effective? In a simple word, YES! Analytics Agent Lite is brilliant to use and excellent for quick ranking and website traffic stats.